To take the ILA, enter the password provided by your ILA global partner.

Frequently Asked Questions - ILA Product

What is the Innovation Leadership Assessment?

The ILA is a scientifically validated assessment designed to measure the leadership factors that are needed to create, adapt to, and implement successful change. The individual report identifies for executives their areas of strengths, capability or development within a series of 15 scales that measure behavioral and psychological human dimensions. All self-directed answers are compared to a large master database of senior executives, then custom scored and statistical charts are generated.

How long does it take for the ILA?

The assessment is designed to take approximately 8 minutes to complete

What happens to the data?

All data is kept confidential, safely stored on our secure server, and will never be resold or communicated to any outside organization.

What are the Technical Requirements?

This online survey requires an Internet browser and works on any computer or mobile device. Just enter the password provided by your ILA-certified trainer into the web portal, and a valid email address to enable receipt of the ILA report as a PDF.

What happens after you take the ILA?

Your ILA Global Partner (GP) is immediately notified via email that you have completed the assessment and has access through the ILA portal to review your confidential report. For maximum effectiveness, we suggest that you schedule your confidential feedback session within a few days.

When to read the ILA Report?

It’s not necessary to read the ILA report in advance of the conversation with your GP. The combination of reviewing the 13 page written report during the feedback session often creates useful insights that can be incorporated into the personal action plan template.

What happens during an ILA feedback session?

The GP sends the 13-page ILA report to you via email, your questions are answered and you review the summary chart on page 3 and suggestions for development on pages 10 and 11. Your GP can also help you develop your ideas into the personal Action Template on Page 12.

Who will be able to see my ILA report?

All ILA reports are available for review by the GP in conjunction with a feedback session. If an executive wants to try the instrument without a feedback session, the GP can forward the ILA report by email.

Can I buy the ILA without a Global Partner?

No. The ILA was not designed for the general public. It requires active supervision by a certified ILA trained global partner.

Frequently Asked Questions - Customers

How does the Innovation Leadership Assessment Help Employees and Companies?

The ILA is a scientifically-validated assessment designed to measure the leadership factors that are needed to create and implement successful change. The assessment measures behavioral and psychological dimensions of creativity and innovation.

What does the ILA provide to corporate customers?

  • An easy to understand, comprehensive innovation leadership profile
  • An understanding of how emotional intelligence contributes to innovative thinking
  • Predictive profile and actionable results
  • Development strategies for individuals and groups

How can the ILA be used by organizations?

  • To create self awareness and development for the individual
  • When forming teams to include a range of thinking style and to understand the group culture and dynamics
  • To assess organizational strengths and areas for development in change management, leadership and innovation

Why are companies using the ILA instrument?

Corporate professionals around the world use it to assess and develop both individual and organizational capabilities for creativity and innovation. Their overall goal is often to increase productivity, revenue and company profitability.

Once you have an ILA profile, what do you do?

A 13 page report is provided featuring explanations for each scale and suggestions for improvement. Once specific leadership capabilities for development are identified, ILA trainers can provide specialized services designed to maximize your change and innovation efforts.