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History - Innovation Leadership Assessment

The product is a software-as-a-service package with feedback sessions. Pat was the first global training partner and the product was featured in her book, "The Mind of an Innovator: A Guide to Seeing Possibilities Where None Existed Before."

Version 3.0 of the ILA was completed in August 2016 with entirely new narrative to analyze personal and group results, within a new graphical report format. Today, other companies and consultants are using this tool to assess the creativity and innovation capabilities of their corporate clients around the world.

The instrument generates numerical scores, categorizes results according to the ILA scales, and proactive action plans are recommended based on the data.

To ensure the accuracy of the individual and group reports, the ILA and custom training programs are only administered to corporate professionals. The tool was designed for executives, managers and employees interested in enhancing their creative thinking and innovation potential.

Personal Action Plan Template

The individual ILA features a self- development tool to facilitate the creation of proactive strategies, tactics and evaluation criteria. Coaching conversations alleviate any individual concerns, and provide a second order analysis and discussion regarding next steps. The participant generates his or her own ideas and develops a leadership development plan for program implementation.

Group Innovation Leadership Assessment

Individual reports and coaching analysis are conducted first, then their scores are combined into a Group ILA report. The ILA Group assessment tool, when analyzed by a trained professional, can help them understand their current state of innovation and creative thinking, directed into areas of competency, strength and development.

Post Assessment

Corporations have found that post assessment executive coaching sessions make it possible to enhance creative thinking and innovation within an organization. That's because when the group scores are analyzed by a trained coaching professional, additional discussion in workgroup sessions often lead to new insights and custom recommendations that can drive business innovation.

Although the individual report scores feature clear and concise narrative, a post assessment conversation with a trained ILA executive coach often creates measurable positive benefits for the individual and organization. The Group coaching conversation often reveals blind spots and areas of development along with candid comments from the individual feedback sessions.