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Global Partner Certification and Innovation Leadership Training Services

Partners include consultants, higher education teachers, executive coaches and corporate learning facilitators.

Each partner is required to join this global network and become certified in the instrument. The licensing fee allows access to training materials, tips, techniques and success stories for use in the classroom. These copyrighted materials are not sold separately and are only available once the organization is certified in the innovation methodology, and assessment instrument.

To address your business requirements and unique questions about the Innovation Leadership Certification Program, including fees and scheduled dates for training sessions, write or call for more information.

Why Join Innovation Leadership Associates?

Innovation is necessary for sustainable competitiveness. Hence, there is high demand for skills that lead to new sources of revenue, enhanced productivity or reduced operational expenses. The ability to turn creativity into innovation is the key to making this happen.

These skills can also be offered to higher education professionals who deliver courses in executive MBA programs. Whether corporate professionals or entrepreneurs, the ILA provides an insightful analysis of their innovation capability.