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Confidentiality restrictions prevent us from listing by name the organizations that have used the ILA for creative ideation, team building, and leadership development.

Some examples include:
  • A Global 10 corporation, three times with groups of more than 40 employees
  • An Ivy league university for an executive course program of 36 entrepreneurs
  • A NASDAQ traded global manufacturing company with over 100 employees based in three locations,
  • A global pharmaceutical company with a group of eight scientists and second engagement with eight sales directors
  • A global pharmaceutical company for use in a team building program with sales directors

References are available upon request. Hundreds of individual business executives around the world have also completed the ILA with feedback sessions from one of the global partners.


ILA #1 - New Investment Ideas, Global Financial Services

Challenge: A financial services client wanted to apply ILA creative thinking techniques to grow their business.

Approach: Using a skill-based approach, they identified an investment opportunity that they would not have normally considered with traditional thinking. While market indicators discouraged this route, the client bought another company with significant upward potential.

Result: Over $34 million in additional revenue.

ILA #2 - Executive Development, Global Pharmaceutical

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company wanted to develop their global high potential leaders during their strategic development program.

Approach: They used the ILA to increase their individual and team self-awareness of strengths, capabilities and areas of development. The ILA helped them overcome the bottlenecks in their innovation process and simplify their product approval procedure to meet FDA criteria.

Result: Earlier market entry of two new products worth $250 million.

ILA #3 - Merger of Two Financial Service Firms

Challenge: A cultural clash resulted from the merger of two major financial institutions and this significantly impeded their joint business effort.

Approach: A facilitated creative thinking session helped erase cultural barriers and harness the executive talent to enhance business operations in the new organization.

Result: The executive team's enthusiasm soared, and with strengthened internal networking channels, a new organizational culture was formed. Retaining an ILA trainer as the critical first step helped the organization move quickly as it evolved into one of the most successful firms in history.

ILA #4 - New Revenue Sources, Consumer Products

Challenge: A consumer products client used a creative thinking process to explore new avenues for their business.

Approach: They identified new distribution channels and expanded their product line through strategic acquisitions while capitalizing in the value of their existing brands.

Result: In a challenging retail environment, the company steadily increased their market share and outperformed their earnings forecasts.

ILA #5 - Team Building, Global Pharmaceutical

Challenge: The Divisional Sales Leader wanted to run a team building session with direct reports using the ILA as a pre-meeting exercise to stimulate communication and collaboration.

Approach: A half-day workshop with three exercises was proposed and delivered to the client with use of the individual and group reports.

Result: The client was pleased with the outcome of the meeting, the knowledge gained about the capabilities of the entire team, cross communication and follow-up actions.

ILA #6 - Creative Thinking, Cosmetics Industry

Challenge: The CEO wanted to create a culture of creativity and innovative thinking within the entire organization. The leadership used the ILA as a pre-meeting exercise to stimulate communication and collaboration prior to the first day of the engagement.

Approach: A half-day workshop with three exercises was proposed and delivered to the client with use of the individual and group reports. The data revealed several areas of strength, capabilities and development. Ideation sessions focused on real work issues in relation to the new knowledge gained from the sessions.

Result: The knowledge gained about the capabilities of the entire team led to cross communication and follow-up actions with middle managers to move the organization forward in their innovation thinking.