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About Innovation Leadership Associates

We are a global network of ILA-certified training partners that provide executive coaching and leadership development services to support corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. We focus on understanding creative thinking and leadership capability. We work with clients to develop the skills that are critical to the generation of innovative business solutions that result in measurable impact on the organization.

The mission of each professional in the network is to help executives manage change, foster new thinking and develop innovations. The trainers have extensive research in understanding how people learn to think creatively, effectively manage change and harness their inherent leadership capabilities to foster innovation.

Our work is based on over 21 years of research to understand how people learn to think creatively. Our proprietary approach incorporates step-by-step, skill-based creative thinking techniques that have been shown to significantly improve the ability to generate innovative solutions. Our methodology incorporates aspects of emotional intelligence and custom ideation skill-based techniques to engender outside-the-box thinking leading to innovation. We provide ILA licensing support through a global partner training program.

Innovation Leadership Assessment™ (ILA)

The Innovation Leadership Assessment was originally developed to understand an individual’s creative thinking ability and to identify leadership capabilities, strengths and areas for potential development. This assessment was scientifically-validated and has predictive value. Individuals are using the ILA today to increase self-awareness and determine which aspects of creative thinking and leadership that they want to develop to ensure that their creativity is translated into innovation.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and leading corporations are benefiting from having teams of executives participate in the Innovation Leadership Assessment process. The process begins with individual use of the ILA online tool, followed by individual executive coaching conversations, preparation of a group report and post assessment group coaching sessions.

All Global Partners in the ILA network are experienced executive coaches certified in administration of the Innovation Leadership Assessment.

For more information Contact us if you and your organization want to take the ILA or become ILA-certified as a member of the ILA network. We will schedule time for a conversation addressing your questions and corporate needs.